Why Choose Brian for Your Ontario Campgrounds?

Thank you for visiting my site and hopefully after stopping by You will understand the need to sell or buy Your Real Estate whether it be an Investment, Lifestyle Change, Business through myself.

Background Experience:

I have been Licensed since 1979 and obtainned my Broker Designation in 1984.I have continually Upgraded my knowledge through acredited courses and like Similar Sales Experience in all Real Estate Facets.
I was fortunate from 1987 through 1992 to have the Fastest growing Real Estate Franchise and Largest office in The Region and Personally to be placed 13th.
for sales achievement in Canada and 29th. in North America.
During this time I was involved in the ownership of Hotels/Motels/Multi Residential and numerous Businesses and yes I experienced the Recession of the 90's.

How Can My Experience Help You?

With the ownership and operations of each facet of the above the underlying concern everyone should have, Is it right for me?
Is there Value for my Efforts? Does the location meet the demographics? Is there R.O.I? Will I achieve my Goals and have Fun doing it?
There are numerous questions to be answered in Buying a property and for those Selling. Do my Financial Statements best portray what I want for the Property/Business? Where do I obtain Financing?

Real Estate Buying and Selling Today has changed. Understanding Agency Issues- Who Represents Who in the Transaction.
Environmental Impact studies, Dealing with Ministries and Government Agencies, Bank requirements. These are only a few of the areas which I have had the opportunity to experience.


With all else aside the Key issues I feel using my services would be of benefit to you the Buyer or Seller are.

1. Listen more than Speak
2. Honesty
3. Respect
4. Disclosure
5. Negotiation Skills
6. My Clients remain my Friends

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope we have the opportunity to speak and possibly negotiate some business.

Brian McKinlay


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